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About BestRx

The Independent Software Company for Independent Pharmacies

“We’re committed to innovations that help you strengthen your business and build stronger communities. That’s our promise. That’s what makes us BestRx.”

– Hemal Desai

Who is BestRx?

Our Story

Founded in 1985, BestRx is still a family business and has never wavered from relentlessly focusing on the success of independent pharmacies. Our goal from day one has been to give you the tools you need to run your business more efficiently, purposefully, and profitably. No wonder we’re one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

That doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of what got us where we are today. We will continue to roll out the first-to-market features you ask for. We will continue to hone our platform to be so intuitive, anyone could use it. And we will continue to offer the kind of timely and genuinely helpful support you used to think was standard.

At BestRx, we have more than just a finger on the pulse of your business — we are at the heart of your growth.

BestRx Timeline

Our History


BestRx Pharmacy Software is founded


BestRx expands to the Northeastern U.S.


BestRx celebrates its 100th customer


BestRx further expands to the Mid-Atlantic states


BestRx grows to full-time business operations


BestRx continues to expand to the Southern U.S.


BestRx transitions from DOS to Windows-based programming


BestRx opens its first dedicated office location


BestPOS is introduced to the world


BestRx celebrates its 500th customer


BestRx secures its first West Coast-based customer


BestRx adds a full-time sales force


BestRx celebrates its 1000th customer


BestRx opens its West Coast office location


BestRx launches its brand-new website

Our People

The BestRx Leadership Team

Hemal Desai

Hemal Desai joined BestRx in 2002 after receiving his bachelor’s degree in management information systems from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He started off primarily as a developer and was instrumental in rewriting the software from its original DOS version to its current Windows version.

Over the years Hemal took on responsibility from all aspects of the business as he learned from his father and founder of the company, Yogesh Desai. He has been the driving force as BestRx has grown from three employees working out of his parents’ home to dozens of employees working across multiple time zones.

Vikas Desai

Vikas Desai joined BestRx in 2009 after receiving an MBA from Purdue University. He values his clients and partnerships and believes BestRx is not just a business software solution, but a community partner committed to the success of pharmacy owners, the health of patients, and the economic development of the community they serve.

Vikas’s passion for customer service and affordability is unparalleled as he takes pride in providing his clients with an easy-to-use, robust, and budget-friendly pharmacy management system to help them make their communities a healthier place to live.

Nirav Patel
Director of Innovation & Technology

Nirav Patel is a modern and innovative leader who transforms complicated technical requirements into user-friendly software applications and delivers them to BestRx’s customers. After studying computer science, he jumped into the real world, and over the course of 15 years, has innovated countless software applications.

Nirav’s biggest strengths are research and hard work, which makes him one of the best performers at BestRx. He is always ready for new challenges and believes in working closely with his teams. He is very passionate about his work and has a goal to make BestRx a leader in the industry.

Nilesh Patel
Director of Technology & Solutions

With over 12 years of experience in programming languages and technologies Nilesh is responsible for adding and enhancing features to BestRx while closely working with pharmacies and development team to put ideas into action. He graduated with a degree in information technology engineering from India. He also holds an MBA degree from Schiller International University in Florida. Nilesh joined BestRx in 2010.  Prior to joining BestRx he was working as a software engineer in India. He is a great husband and the father of two awesome kids. He likes cheering for his favorite teams, watching Netflix and going out with friends and family.

Bart Rogacewicz
Director of Operations

Upon a stark realization that he would not be making a career for himself as a famous video game developer, Bart made the decision to lean on what he knew best: Windows hardware and software support. He soon began working for BestRx as a support representative and quickly became interested in improving the overall software package and the processes established for the support staff. He now serves as BestRx’s Senior Operations Manager, overseeing the entire support department and staying involved in nearly every aspect of the business.

When not at work, Bart finds it extremely difficult to peel himself away from a computer—always building, tinkering, breaking, and fixing things—much to his wife’s dismay. Very much a kid at heart, he loves movies, music, video games, and snowboarding (though not necessarily in that order).

Stephen Barnes
Director of Sales and Marketing

Stephen joined BestRx in 2017 as a Business Development Manager, bringing with him a passion for independent pharmacy and over a decade of industry experience working with wholesalers and GPOs. In 2019, he was promoted to his current role where he oversees the entire sales team and is actively working to expand the awareness and presence of the BestRx brand across the country.

Stephen is a proud former college football player for the University of Toledo where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. After graduation, Stephen moved to Georgia and attended Georgia State University where he added a Master of Arts degree in Sports Business Administration to his list of achievements.

Joshua Sove
Director of Customer Support

Joshua Sove joined BestRx in 2015 as part of our technical support team. Initially a Tier 1 support representative, Joshua began to take interest in many aspects of what makes BestRx work, both from a technical and customer service perspective. This interest led to him taking the initiative on many projects, including improved metrics, business analysis, support team restructure, and the founding of our onboarding department. Today as our Director of Customer Support, Joshua guides the majority of our customer-facing staff. His primary goal is to build a department that can stand on its own as our company grows while maintaining the excellent customer service and “personal touch” that BestRx has become famous for. In addition to his experience in customer service, management, IT support, and computer repair, Joshua also has a background in education and music, having received his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.